Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ozzy's Charity work

on December 1st

Ozzy had a garage sale and say if i sold a couch it would cost $500

but if Ozzy sold a couch it would be $2000

and he got a couple hundred thousand dollars

and since Sharron Osbourne (Ozzy's wife) has cancer ozzy donated it to find a cure for cancer

another reason to love Ozzy :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

baby sitterrs

if you have a child that is in kindergarden or younger or a little over then i suggest u watch this infomercial

its good for everybody


Thursday, November 22, 2007

funny ozzy

really funny ozz fest intro stuff

mad funny



Thanks for coming to my website

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Ozzy Boy

My little bro's site

check out my little brothers site


its about chickens and other stuff





Deep Purple

You might like deep purple as well

(Jill you might like this and maybe greg)

find these songs somewhre

Smoke on the water

well thats all i could find find some others for ur self

the begining should not be a solo just in case

U might like Aerosmith

u might like Aerosmith since they are between the lines of R&B and Hard Rock
(danny clark you might like this band
check em out

their home page is:http:http: //

here r some u should listen to

Dream on

Walk this way

Rag doll

Back in the saddle

tell me if u like them

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

wanna be a rock fan like me

if u want to know what rock is really about i suggest you should listen to the following

Deep Purple




Black Sabbath (with ozzy on vocals)

Led Zepplin


ZZ top

Quiet riot

Jimi Hendrix

Van Halen


Old School Green day


The Cars


Alice Cooper

Def Leppard

Jefforson Starship

Jefforson airship

Cream (for people who arent into intense rock)

Eric Clapton

and if you think there are more just tell me

Welcome To Ozzy boy land

Welcome To Ozzy boy land where you can learn about ozzy and other cool stuff

if you know any good new rockbands that are popular today please let me know the few that are good these days are...

Ozzy Osbourne

Queens of the stone age

other wise i guess all the other bands suk

Vvile Guitar Club

for all you guitarist out there or people who want to learn guitar but maybe not have one

Guitar club might be the club for you

its after school on wedenesday in Mr. I's room

you will be able to begin in the spring but i thought i let you know early :)

Ozzy Videos

i found some randy rhoads stuff now the moment you have been waiting for

My seal of approval Ozzy videos

oh by the way "Black Rain is ozzy's new album this song you might like if you like ozzy honor our soliders and hate bush

thats all

Models these days

here is one problem in life

models arent as pretty as they ustacould (that means could have been in the south)

there are a few

but not alot :(

Randy Rhoads tribute sites

i dont have alot of stuff to remember him but i found some good tribute videos on youtube

check em out

I tested them out and they are SWEET

Ozzy's website

here is the website of the person who inspired my website

o by the way u should be come a member

i am

Randy Rhoads

The story of randy rhoads is a some what sad one

He was an amazing guitarist as you can see on this link

he died in a buzerk plae crash in flordia while following ozzy's tourbus

he was really a good guy though

Who exactly is Ozzy

First of all Ozzy is a famous rock star and a pioneer in Heavy Metal
he has done some crazy thing such as

Eat a bat

Piss on the Alamo

and many more things
he may not be exactly a role mode

yet as the old saying goes:

"im a just a rock and roll rebel, they say i worship the devil but they must be stupid, cuz im just a rock and roll rebel"
Hello welcome to Ozzy boy land sorry if there is not alot but ill get some stuff on here though :(