Monday, February 25, 2008

Jimmy page custom les paul and the one million dollar les paul too

according to guitar center gibson is releasing the jimmy page signature model guitar

also a les paul from the fifties was sold for $1,00,000 dollars

would you buy it
would you not

Ozzy Osbourne Autobiography

yes the ozzman him self will be writing an autobiography about him self

but maybe not because i heard he is struggling on it

but if it does come out then i will buy it (duhhhhhhhhhhh)

A possibility for Guitar Hero IV

well ive heard that for guitar hero 4 it will be all Aerosmith songs

for info on aerosmith go to

they're a relly good band

and you can look for there songs on itunes probably


if you are a rush fan then i heard that they are coming to the TU center(the old pepsi arena)

careful though i heard the show is pretty expensive

and if you are a begining to be a fan, thats good but you probably should not go

The Police+Elvis Castello

if you are a fan of the police and/or Elvis Castello or you are a pop music fan and are wondering what classic rock is in a sense that i strongly suggest that you go to there concert on spac

i dont know when they're comin but some time this summer

there good too so you probably might want to go

BB.King Concert information(might be important)

it is official that BB. king (the king of the blues)
is coming to the palace theater March 8th at 7:30

if you are a guitarist i would strongly suggest that you would come to the concert
plus if you like the blues you know that you schould get tickets

Thursday, February 21, 2008


well its the new year for everybody that comes to the site

Well Kiss is going a european concert(why not the U.S)

Rush is coming to SPAC and so is The police, and Elvis Castello

BB.King is coming to the TU center or the palace theater

for anything else you want to know please leave a comment and i will try to figure it out